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Why golf is popular in Thailand


Thailand’s optimal climate

In summer, you can enjoy golf all year round in Thailand.You don’t have to shake your golf club with your cold hand.Moreover, there is little rain and it is a temporary squall.It’s the perfect climate for golf without being bothered by the weather.


Reasonable and high qualityGolf course

There are some of the world’s most prestigious courses used in the tour in Thailand, but there are many courses that you can enjoy reasonably, so you can choose the golf course that meets your needs.You can enjoy the course in Japanese yen, even around several thousand yen.


Per personOne caddy

There is one caddy per person in Thailand.He / she follows the whereabouts of the ball, supports the movement of the caddy back, the management of the score, etc.With this caddy hospitality you can enjoy playing golf in a concentrated manner.

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